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K. S. Bunk​er Games ​

We Are About Awareness Through Play. 

Preparedness is a mindset. It's a way to view life so that you can

enjoy every precious moment you can with the people you love. Being prepared allows you to feel better about the crazy world we live in.

That's one of the reasons we like to incorporate our quirky, politically incorrect sense of humor into our survival games. Games geared to the self-reliant, the independent, and the non-conformist. 

Rattle your funny bone and laugh it up. It is possible to sharpen your wit and cast out stress at the same time. So come along with us, and play something made just for you.  

About Ksbunker games

Our Games Are Created in The U.S.A

Kill Switch ​Bunker Games llc., is a home based business in the heart of the mid-west. We strive to bring you games and information that promote overall preparedness.  Games, puzzles and books are top of our list of important items to have in your home, camper or bug out location. We have created some of our own games. Other items including games, books, and survival gear may be affiliate links which we may make a commission from. We believe in being forthright about links to other products. Standard orders have no additional shipping. Bulk / wholesale orders shipping applies.


Survivalist in the garden was written for my friends that say they know nothing about growing food. It is very basic and provides a place to keep records. Stoogieninja's Inventory Book is a record keeping system for all your readiness goodies. Editing is in process on this one and should be updated soon. 

Back in the Day

This was the first G.O.O.D. Game to come out of a box. It was so exciting to see the real thing after years of working on prototypes.  The picture is terrible, but it marked the beginning of our journey to becoming survival board game designers. 

My brother Kurt and I worked on this for 4 yrs. We had help from family and friends, along with a local graphics design place that has since gone out of business. All the artwork is original, all the symbols'  had to be created from scratch as not to infringe on anyone's trademarks. We tried to envision a survival trek home during a shtf scenario. We made up Gray Water, and F.I.M.A (forced incarceration by malicious agency) and all the acronyms. This game was a fun challenge to make and more fun to play.   

Kurt Hillemann  Creator

Without this guy, The G.O.O.D. Game would never have happened. This is my brother Kurt, and he has been a prepper for a long time. He devised the term S.E.E.D.S system. A free print out is available below for those of you who are just getting into the be ready mindset. This system is based on what he could carry. Each person has to keep in mind their own carry capacity. It's designed to get you thinking, hopefully a good reference.  

With Kurt's insight we tried to incorporate a variety of situations in the game that one could encounter on an extended walk home. From other people, weather, and terrain, to animals. And of course situations are on the top of that list. 

A great deal of thought went into this concept of what a post apocalyptic journey might be like. Six boards and a diverse group of beta testers went into this project. 

So grab some goodies, your friends or kids, and enjoy game night with The G.O.O.D. Game. It's never the same game twice.



Update of this list is in progress.

Free downloadable resource guide.



City Prepper Quick Demo on The G.O.O.D. Game

Special thanks to Joe, what a great video. You explained the basic play very well. It is about thinking ahead and trying to have the appropriate gear. It's also about having fun with family and keeping your sanity. Hopefully the players enjoy the humor and zany artwork. We encourage game play for all ages. Be sure to have a variety of them available to unwind with. Remember to make up some of your own house rules, or even make your own determiner card. 

People like Joe are what keeps us going. 

Always, play when you can. 

Let's Play, Together is better. 

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(573) 280-9447 Please leave message or text. 

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