We know ​how important it is to spend time with family and friends. Games allow us to cultivate those  relationships in a fun loving way. Laughter really is the best medicine. It relieves stress and lowers blood pressure.

So get your buds together, some food and drink and laugh your way through the apocalypse. 

Why you should come play with us


Starting from scratch

The G.O.O.D. Game started all because I couldn't find a Christmas present for my survivalist brothers. I searched for some time to find a cool prepper game (because I just knew someone would make one) until it became clear I'd have to make one myself.

The job began 2012 with poster board and determination.

When you don't have a team, office, or any idea what your doing it takes a while to figure out how to make a board game. It took 4 years and lots of mistakes. I did my best to keep to local talent. Andrea, my graphic artist at the time was indispensable. My brother Kurt contributed art work and advice not to mention the hours we spent at Moms kitchen table.   

Family and Friends a big thanks to you!

When you say, "I think I'll make a board game" many people shrug and say "what ever". But I have been very fortunate to have people take interest. Here are a few of the highlights that come to mind. Mr. Lewis came up with who ever has the most gear puts down the law. Which is one of my favorites in the instructions.

Jiminy just hated the F.I.M.A camps because he got stuck in them and his wife beat him. lol I knew then they were a winner.  

My son and his buds at Bodack's  game shop in Arnold Mo. helped with alternative ways to play.

The favorite one is "when you land on a "roll for gear" spot you may give up your turn in order to stay and roll again for more gear".  This is a great way to replenish if your in a bad way gear wise.

They also suggested toilet paper as one of the wild cards and everyone loves that.  

Kurt (my brother) came up with Frozen Guy and Crispy Guy and Suicide Guy. In fact, he came up with all the "dead guys". 

A trek of adventure and mayhem 

The G.O.O.D. Game plays out your escape from the big city to your bug out location (or home). Using your gear to negotiate obstacles along the way, you learn to watch ahead and keep in mind what you will need to survive the up coming situations.