Kill Switch Bunker Games llc

The process....

An Idea Is Born

Once upon a time I went shopping for a prepper game. With the preparedness community growing so quickly I thought it wouldn't be hard to find one. To my amazement there weren't any. I searched the next year and still nothing. I discussed this with my family and they said "guess if you want one you'll have to make it yourself". I thought they were crazy! But the longer I thought about it the more it took shape in my brain. 

Meet Mr. Real Mature

My brother who has been prepping for years, came to visit one summer and we began to formulate The G.O.O.D. Game. When he had to return home we continued to work over the phone and through the mail. He contributed a great deal of the art work on top of helping to figure out the spaces and consequences.  

Making a board game it is not an easy project, but it is an interesting one. We went through six board designs before getting one that played well consistently.

My kids, co-workers and my sister in-law all have helped one way or another. Sometimes I still wonder why am I doing this, and then I see someone pick up a game and grin. 

I think about bringing people together, and the laughter they share playing their way through the apocalypse. 

Prepping is serious, just the kind of thing that needs some comic intervention.  

You've got to be able to laugh!

Family and Friends a big thanks to you!

I have been fortunate to have other people take interest. They have become part of the ks family. Mr. Lewis came up with who ever has the most gear lays down the law. Which is everyone's favorite part of the instructions.

Jim hated the F.I.M.A camps because he got stuck in them and his wife beat him bad.   

My son and his friends at Bodack's  game shop in Arnold Mo. spent time with research and development. That group came up  with some alternative ways to play. 

Kurt came up with toilet paper as one of the wild cards and everyone loves that. He also came up with Frozen Guy and Crispy Guy and Suicide Guy. In fact, he came up with all the "dead guys". He did the art for them, the vehicles and the riot police.

My daughter, also contributed art and continues to help with other projects. 

We have begun our 3rd year on the market and are in almost every contiguous State. We have also shipped to France, England, Canada and Germany. 

Thank you for your support

Kill Switch Bunker Games is a home grown business. I operate out of my mid Missouri home. I personally wrap and ship every order (with the exception of Amazon during Christmas). It's always so exciting to see where they go. I hope to wrap up something for you because I know, if you read this far it's because your US not Them.