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March 2022

Obviously blogging is not my strong suit, but I shall see about getting better : )

2022 brings new challenges and tension is high. I don't believe any of us are immune to the stresses of our current situation. At least we are thawing out from winters grasp and should be able to get outside for some fresh air. 

Despite high gas prices go see someone you haven't seen in awhile. Have some laughs, share some memories, and make some new ones. You'll feel better.   

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Nov, 2021

Novembers spot.

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Oct, 2021

     Todays picture is of my Mom, Jean,  a real trooper.  We recently returned from a cross country trip to see Kurt and his kids. I'm hoping that his daughter Samantha will be taking some great pictures to share, she is getting back into photography. The trip was really fun and it is nice to get out and see the country. Driving over the Continental Divide for the 4th or 5th time (I've lost count) is still as amazing as the first time. 

     This weekend I hope to take a lot of elderberry bush cuttings. I see cuttings for sale for outlandish amounts'.  Apparently I'm sitting on a gold mine in elder berry bushes and didn't know it. I've checked out different methods and will probably try several. Hope to start taking the greenhouse apart for renovations. We plan to add another section onto it. It's pretty small and another 12 feet or so will seem like a huge deal. 

     I hope people will like the new website design.  Seemed like it was time for something fresh and lighter. Most sites I see with anything about survival are dark or red, like death and panic. I don't view preparedness that way. Being prepared actually makes life better and easier. It helps to lift off the weight of crazy.

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Sept, 2021

     Fall is here and deer season approaches. I'm hoping my son Jason will come down this year to hunt. We could use a hand filling the freezer.  

     The budget battles continue on capitol hill. Our country is racing down the rabbit hole of debt. People are concerned about food shortages as some areas are already seeing less of certain items. 

     Along with that the battle between vaccinated and unvaccinated also continues. I've given this great thought because I'm naturally distrustful of the powers that be. I've come to the conclusion the vaccines are not purposely designed to kill us off. Here is how it looks to me. 

     You have the Government powers (sheep herders) and the sheeple (we know who they are). Then you have all of us suspicious non followers (wolves). 

Ok., so lets say the herders want to cull the herd and they come up with a disease to do so. It kills off lots of the old, unhealthy and weak sheep and wolves alike.           Then they come up with a vaccine to protect the healthier sheep and wolves. After all they herders still need workers and wool. Now the sheep all easily take the vaccine but the wolves are so distrustful that they resist. 

     If the vaccine was truly made to kill off the masses of sheep and wolves, the herders wouldn't want to give it to their nice passive sheep. 

     NO, NO, they would want to keep their sheep. They know that the wolves would not want the vaccine. So they keep sheep by vaccinating them and reduce wolves because they won't take it. The wolves are now the more susceptible, and when a worse strain of said disease comes along even more wolves would fall.            That way the herders get to keep their strong healthy sheep and get rid of the pesky rebellious wolves. Think about it.

                                      Just an observation.  

     As far as collateral damage, there will always be adverse reactions to vaccines, that's nothing new. We have all kinds of numbers on that. History shows us the percentages of people saved verses lost. Polio, meningitis, tetanus, measles, pneumonia, mumps, the list goes on.