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Here are some favorite house rules.

  • Moving backwards: Sometimes you have to roll backwards in The G.O.O.D. Game. The reasoning behind this is that if you were really trying to walk your way home and you didn't have what you needed. You'd have to go back until you could obtain what you needed. So sometimes, there are games where a player gets sent back really far because they don't have gear. This can be discouraging, so if your new or playing with younger people you may consider limiting the dice roll backwards. Perhaps to 1 or 3 max.
  • Roll for gear space: When you land on the roll for gear space, you may give up turns in order to stay there and roll again in order to collect more gear. This idea came from my son and his friends at Bodach's Cards Shop 9 Village Plaza, Arnold, Mo 63010. The group there was kind enough to do a great deal of D and R for me.
  • There are 2 Trading Post squares on the board. Some like to use these as a way to trade with other players as opposed to the rule book.  
  • If you have house rules to share send them to me at [email protected]

About Stock Your Bunker Jr.

This is a card collecting game similar to Canasta. The idea is for players to group together the cards by type into "books" or "tricks", we call them batches. Why batches?, because that is a common reference in the kitchen, "like a batch of green beans".  When a players collection is complete it is time to empty your hand and not have cards left over that won't fit into the "batch". 

With younger players you might start with pairing the types of cards, pairing is a much easier concept. 

 There is no scoring in place but that could easily be implemented. 

Feel free to contact me with your ideas.

                                                                                          Play when you can.