House Rules

House rules add personalization to your games. 

  • When you have to roll back because you don't have the right gear, it can be rough. No reason why you can't set a limit on how many times you have to roll that die and go backwards. 
  • Roll for gear spaces are great. If you like you can implement the "stay put". The idea being that no one is going to abandon a spot where they can get gear. So you may opt to skip your next turn in favor of rolling again for more gear. This gives you the chance to fill your pack before heading out. Just remember each time you skip to roll the others may be getting further ahead. 
  • Limits on how much gear everyone can carry. The instructions say 15. You can make that more or less if you choose.
  • Trading Post. These two spaces can be used in any number of ways. Trade with the deck like instructions say or trade with other players. Those terms would have to be worked out by YOU!
  • Ham Radio Hill, was originally a space for players to share a preparedness tip with the others. Imagine you have just found the station and you are trying to leave some covert info. for a loved one.
  • The Determiner Card. Feel free to come up with your own determiner card. Perhaps one that would make the game a team against team situation.
  • This game still has no limits on options. Try some of these or make up your own. We'd love to hear about them.