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"SCRAM" A Political Satire is the newest game we made. It is a standard size card deck and is played similar to UNO, but with a twist.  You must discard your illegal immigrant cards, but save back the brick wall cards. At the end of the hand the person with the most brick wall cards wins regardless of who plays the last card. This game has certainly caused the most backlash. It is truly amazing how many people think that enforcing immigration law is something bad.      

Moving into 2021

From What I See

Much ​has transpired since the China flu was unleashed on the world. Empty streets, and disappearing businesses. Seeing over run hospitals put the fear in people.  People have witnessed panic buying, and for many that was hard to fathom. The world has been changing fast in ways that many of us don't like. I've been watching and listening and I think there is an upside. With all the social distancing and mask I see a trend developing. Patriotism is emerging all around us. They take down Parlor, no problem we fall back and regroup. We abandon twitter by the millions and find new avenues to stay in touch with those who share our ideals. Even in the not so friendly place where I live (there's no such place as Mayberry folks) people have been a little nicer. It is a great time to gather our wits and our like minded neighbors to prepare for what lies ahead.

On The Game Front

The G.O.O.D. Game will probably sell out this year. I'm still working on what direction to take next. The "SCRAM" card game is still catching backlash, but we're not worried about ruffled feathers. "SCRAM" is so easy to play and with caravans of illegals' headed this way, it may become very popular. Stock Your Bunker Jr. is beginning to move a bit more, I'm glad people are realizing a game to teach kids basic home preparedness is a good thing. 

It will be revised before 2nd edition goes out.


Time to Play 

Some great family time learning to play the best survival game ever. 

Be the winner, 

when you have to, 

"Get Out Of Dodge".

Will Things Go Back To Normal?

Our area is beginning the reopen. Some are fine with that and others think it's too soon. I wonder if we will see a rebound in the sickness, hopefully not. The cautious will not go out, and I wonder how many will continue to use peopleless ways to work and shop. The world is rapidly changing, and even for those of us who have anticipated this, it is something different to experience it.

  1. How will the way we prep change? 
  2. How long before people go back to work?
  3. Will there be a new surge in the prepper movement?
Now that it's ok to look like the uni-bomber when you go out shopping, will they change the little posters in the store windows?

Just things to ponder.


Everyone has the China Virus on their minds. Like many, I have family in places where I wish they weren't. Fortunately most of them are like minded and fairly prepared. After years of ridicule for my prepper ways, I can be glad that I instilled those ways in my children.  We may have hard times ahead, all we can do now is be ready as possible and watch as this scenario unfolds.

“A true Friend is the best Possession.”

- Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1744

Spring 2020

The State of The Union Address and the impeachment hearing back to back. Intense political conflict continues to grip the news.  We certainly live in interesting times.  I believe it is very important to be vigilant as the election moves forward.  As I prepare for my spring planting I think about the all the issues that are of consequence.  Immigration being one that's on top of my lists. That brings me to "SCRAM", our newest card game. It has it all, Anchor Baby, Gets it Free Guy, best of all The Wall cards. Build the wall while blocking the illegals, it's fast easy! 

Cheers to the New Year!

Going into the new year is always exciting, new goals to set and new ideas to explore. As usual I'm sure my list of things to accomplish is far greater than one person can do in a year. First on the list is to rewrite the instructions for Stock Your Bunker Jr. and I'll tell you why. This game is for young kids 6+, and I believe the first instructions are too hard for most kids that age. I have simplified it and hope to have the new directions ready to go by the end of this month. I added a mini note pad to the game for little ones to keep score on. 

Next on the agenda is SCRAM!, a very fast game of building the border wall while blocking illegals. Play is easy, discard the illegal cards, save the brick wall cards. The art, and concept are all original. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the political satire.  

Today I'd like to tell you about Mr. Real Mature. 

You see, when I'm hanging out with this guy and I do something dumb or stupid (I mean that in a most "sibling like" loving way). He gives me the look (you know the look) and says "real mature, Sue...real mature". Yeah, Mr. Real Mature is a funny guy, real funny and real mature. In fact he is a mature (will always be older than me..) guy that has been preparing for a long time.

 I know this because Mr. Real Mature is my brother. He has taught me many things, like how to shoot and how to test drive a car. He backed The G.O.O.D. Game and contributed a great deal to the making of it.

These days he spends time looking for ways to improve things, makes his own camouflage, his own water proofing solution and the list goes on. His constant search for better preps is how I decide on what things to share from Amazon (or anywhere else). He does the research and I do the web page.  I share more of his favorites as his exploration of gear unfolds. 

That's the latest from the office.

New Addition 

Made In USA

Stock Your Bunker Jr. Is Here

Each box has the deck of cards, an instruction sheet, and a small note book for kids to keep score.  

This game is about gathering supplies and putting those supplies together in your storage. The game incorporates the fact that sometimes you have to use items and ​sometimes things can happen to your supplies that cause you to lose them.

Along with things you need to have there things you like to have. It is crucial that kids (and grown-ups) realize that luxury items are extremely important for morale. Especially during difficult times like power outages or natural disaster. A luxury item can be especially comforting to a child. Anything that makes life  feel closer to normal, a favorite book to read, a plush snuggle friend or blanket. Children associate those familiar items and routines to mean that their world is going to be ok.

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In 2016 Our first game came out for sale.

Memphis Show 

Tonight I'm listening to a podcast on   Its very informal and very inviting. I know there are lots of podcast out there and it's something that is new to me. I'm really not a high tech person and learning all the ins and outs of an online business has been daunting! I've made many mistakes and I'm sure will make many more. So if your ever on here and something doesn't work right or looks odd or who knows what, I've probably been working on it. Time for a glass of wine and a good listen to others who think like me. 

Mid Mo. Tornadoes

Nature hits hard

Two nights ago tornadoes hit Eldon Mo. and Jefferson City Mo. The damage is hard to fathom. My friend lives in Eldon and told us her story of making it to the basement (with her family) just in time. 

Several people I know are having great difficulty with this devastating event. Some with minor damage and some have lost everything. 

The small City of Eldon was paralyzed, and is still struggling to get power back.  Jefferson City also suffered heavy damage and continues to deal not only with the aftermath but also with flooding. 

When people look at me like I'm a (survivalist) nut, I'm tempted to look back at them like they are the crazy ones. But, I take a breath and tell them about things like what happened here. 

It doesn't have to be a "Government Conspiracy" or a "Total Collapse". It can be bad storm or long drought, a wreck that leaves you stuck on the highway for hours. I've used my G.O.O.D. bag for first aid, extra warmth and most often dry socks. My Mom and I took a good friend of hers (since passed away) on a road trip. She had blood sugar issues so we ended up having an M.R.E. picnic in the park.

Keep working on your preparedness because. Practice with it, inventory it, change it around as you build it to suit your individual needs. You just never know when you might be real glad you can pull something out of that bag.




Moving into Fall

Here in the Midwest it has been a record breaking wet summer. I'd say that is the reason the mushrooms are popping up everywhere. Today a co-worker came in with pictures of more than a few. She said it was the most colorful scene, just beautiful. Creams and yellows, reds and browns on the ground and on the old tree trunks and stumps. Mushrooms are both lovely to look at and yummy to eat. As a prepper you know mushrooms are a valuable resource. It's important to keep references of your local types of mushrooms . You might start at your county extension office or state parks for solid information. I found this archived article from 2010 with great looking recipes and pictures.

Despite what my husband thinks, mushrooms don't have to be fried (sorry babe) there are endless ways to make delicious dishes with mushrooms as the main course.  So grab a basket and your mushroom book, and visit the woods. 

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