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In 2016 Our first game came out for sale.

Our Second Blog Entry

Tonight I'm listening to a podcast on prepperbroadcasting.com   Its very informal and very inviting. I know there are lots of podcast out there and it's something that is new to me. I'm really not a high tech person and learning all the ins and outs of an online business has been daunting! I've made many mistakes and I'm sure will make many more. So if your ever on here and something doesn't work right or looks odd or who knows what, I've probably been working on it. Time for a glass of wine and a good listen to others who think like me. 

Mid Mo. Tornadoes

Nature hits hard

Two nights ago tornadoes hit Eldon Mo. and Jefferson City Mo. The damage is hard to fathom. My friend lives in Eldon and told us her story of making it to the basement (with her family) just in time. 

Several people I know are having great difficulty with this devastating event. Some with minor damage and some have lost everything. 

The small City of Eldon was paralyzed, and is still struggling to get power back.  Jefferson City also suffered heavy damage and continues to deal not only with the aftermath but also with flooding. 

When people look at me like I'm a (survivalist) nut, I'm tempted to look back at them like they are the crazy ones. But, I take a breath and tell them about things like what happened here. 

It doesn't have to be a "Government Conspiracy" or a "Total Collapse". It can be bad storm or long drought, a wreck that leaves you stuck on the highway for hours. I've used my G.O.O.D. bag for first aid, extra warmth and most often dry socks. My Mom and I took a good friend of hers (since passed away) on a road trip. She had blood sugar issues so we ended up having an M.R.E. picnic in the park.

Keep working on your preparedness because. Practice with it, inventory it, change it around as you build it to suit your individual needs. You just never know when you might be real glad you can pull something out of that bag.




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